AM 1150 Questions and Answers Part Four

Part Four in a series of Four of Answers to AM 1150’s Questions and Answers

4. What would you do to increase the supply of affordable housing?

The city is currently in consultation on the last phase of the Housing Plan which was put forward by the Housing Committee. There are a number of recommendations that I want to move forward as soon as possible to help create more affordable housing. Included in these are increasing the supply of rental accommodation through revisions to the secondary suite by-law and partnerships with developers and non-profits, continuing to partner with senior levels of government to provide supportive housing, increase funding to the Housing Opportunities Fund, encourage six story wood frame buildings, continue to award density bonuses for affordable housing. The final report on the Affordable Housing Strategy Recommendations should be in front of council shortly. In the meantime, more information can be found in the draft report here.

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