AM 1150 Questions and Answers Part One

Candidates received a questionnaire from AM 1150.  Results will go up on their webpage – but here are my answers, spread over a four part series.

I’ll be live on AM 1150 on Monday October 24th at 8:10 am – please tune in!

1. How are you going to revitalize the downtown?

The best way for the city to contribute to the revitalization of Downtown Kelowna is to move forward with the implementation of both the Bernard Avenue Revitalization and the new Downtown Plan recommendations. I will continue to support both of this initiatives through appropriate budget and staffing, as well as the necessary zoning and OCP amendments. Both of these initiatives have been remarkable to work on and I have enjoyed getting to know the downtown merchants, property owners, visitors, shoppers and residents through the process. To get involved with the Downtown Plan and find out what’s happening, see

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