AM 1150 Questions and Answers Part Two

Part Two in a Four Part Series of Answers to AM1150’s Questions

2. How would you tackle the problem of organized crime?

Organized crime has been on council’s agenda for some time now and of course came to the public’s attention this summer with the gang-related shooting outside the Delta Grand. Council supported the installation of a 16 member RCMP gang unit funded by the province in order to deal with organized crime and there have already been some excellent results with a number of arrests of local gang members. The mayor and I met with the Solicitor General in September to lobby for the continuation of funding for this unit in our area. Council has been working with local RCMP to look at ways of supporting local businesses in “no-color” and other policies. I believe that the community as a whole needs to send out a “not welcome here” message to gangs by not tolerating gang-related activities within businesses or neighbourhoods.

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