The Value of Advisory Committees



What is the value of advisory committees to the people of the City of Kelowna?



Each Advisory Committee has its own mandate but each is similar in that they provide a venue for more input from the public before decisions are made by council. Whether related to development or to quality of life for Kelowna citizens, each advisory committee is made up of volunteers from the community who have a special interest in making Kelowna a more liveable city. Advisory committees take input from the public in various ways including public meetings, surveys, open houses, workshops and forums.

It never hurts to take a look at systems and processes, but I believe that each of the existing advisory committees is valuable in its own right and covers the need for specific input on issues that are important to our residents.

As a councillor, the input of Advisory Committees was often the difference between approving a so-so project or a great project, between putting funds into okay services or into amazing services, between helping our citizens survive or thrive. Developers, community groups and staff all took advantage of the public input to make better proposals to council. And having the opportunity for early input is always of great benefit to the public, who in the end are the ones who have to live with whatever is decided.

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